O mě

!!! Currently looking for more challenges in writing or ways of sharing my experience about traveling and living abroad, language teaching and all around coffee. If you know how to join forces for mutual benefit, let me know!!!

Maybe the readers are interested to know who they are dealing with, who is behind the stories and photos on this blog. Then, here are some lines about me and my website. 

Hello! Thank you for taking the time and sharing with me...
I remember very well that I created this blog with a main purpose to share my pictures from the trip which has changed my life – St. Jacob’s Way in Spain. When I see the posts now, I would change everything... And that’s life, we walk through it and are part of the constant changes and developments. Over the years I changed the way I write, the language I use, the frequency and regularity, but the purpose is the same. Sharing.

And sharing is also one of the things I believe in in my life and try to be true to it. I want to get to know as much as I can about this world and find ways how to make it a better place and to create positive changes on a small scale wherever I can. Maybe this site helps me a little bit on this quest.

With open heart... Even though it often sucks to let people in and then have to leave them. I believe that the space of our heart and capacity to love is unlimited. The more you love the bigger your capacity to love.
People keep on asking me about two things, where do I live and from what. Well, the first answer would be in the last two years as simple as „I live on the move“. Few months in Colombia, few in Brasil or Czech Republic, wherever the journey of my life takes me. And from what? Last two years from volunteering and being true to my beliefs about sharing. I help wherever I can, I pitch in, fall in love, settle down and feel brokenhearted when it’s time to leave. I have more than one home. Because home is where the heart is. Or maybe just one – the whole World?

Get inspired!

Live with the cards you have in your hands right now, try to make the best from it. 

Don't wait that tomorrow things will be better, don't live in the past. 

Make as much as you can from every moment with the people you are currently with, you can never know when they will leave you or you will have to leave them. 

And never say you are too old to change your life. Life is changing everyday, so don't be afraid to do the same.

For the practical souls here is something more about my work experience:
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