7. 5. 2012

Colombres - Poo de Llanes (en)

I started when the rest of the pilgrims was still sleeping. I like early starts... Well, no problem, I will see them in the evening, that's what we talked about, that we will all go to Poo de Llanes.
Enjoyable morning and enjoyable Camino. Unless you count the first few kilometres on the road. But then I took the suggested detour (suggested by my travel book) and ended up on a beautiful coastal path. Kilometer after kilometer I enjoyed amazing views of the sea, the sun and solitude of this way was just occasionally interrupted by a herd of cows.
On of the most amazing views I had during the whole St. Jacob's Way was this day - from a viewpoint close to Andrín, a little village.
I continued around a huge golf course and a little chapel in the middle of a little grove until Llanes. Here I could still see the tracks of the indianos - splendid and colourful houses. This little town had a very pleasant atmosphere of a holiday resort of the kind you can find on the north of the country.
Once again, and this time it was the last time, I met Mark from Germany. We briefly chatted and I found the albergue with him, but decided to finish in Poo de Llanes instead.
When I came to the albergue, no one from my companions from the previous night was there. But who was there was a hospitalero with wide smile and fondness for linguistics. Also I met here, again, a couple of peregrinos from France, Beatrice and Jacques. I thought I had met them before, I just didn't remember where exactly. Later we found out that it was the albergue in Güemes where we saw each other for the first time. And with kind Jacques and Beatrice I met few more times since then and they became a great part of my "Camino experience". Without them the travel wouldn't be complete. But about that maybe another day.
One specialty of this albergue is a fact, that they encourage you to write on the white walls of the rooms or halls whatever you want to. So of course I wrote something! I don't remember what exactly, but I am sure it was very very smart :)

The gymnasium in Colombres and morning good bye.

Colourful houses of Colombres in the morning sun.

Another photo from the morning - area near Colombres.

And here it comes - when the weather is nice all the pictures
on the coast in Asturias look like those we all know from books.

Some people who have houses near the Camino live with it.
Thanks to them you can find such places and things
which make your way more pleasant. No one is alone on the Camino...

Asturian cows.

Views from the place near Andrín.


Villas of "indianos" and two posible versions
of what have happend with them.

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