19. 5. 2012

Gontán - Vilalba (en)

The plan for this day was just few kilometers and the way was very easy. And because of that we could focus even more on our newly created group (I still couldn’t believe it!) which was growing every day.
I spent a lot of time talking with Javi and annoying him with my stupid questions about Spain and Spanish. He realized how difficult it is to explain things to a foreigner sometimes. But he did a very good job at the end, he was patient and if one explanation didn’t work, he used second one and if I still didn’t get what he meant he continued until we understood each other.
His leg was still hurting, but bravely (and with some pain killers) he went on.
The countryside in Galicia was quite different to the one in other places, there were much more trees (not-Eucalyptus trees), fewer people and less hills. And for some reason I felt much more like I belong there. I enjoyed it a lot! I even parted from the group for few kilometers, walking somewhere between someone and someone and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere on my own.
We arrived to Vilalba already around noon and Maria, because he had some troubles with his leg, went to the hospital. (At the end it wasn’t serious enough to stop him from continuing.)
We left our bags in the super modern albergue and went shopping for the dinner - this day Enrique decided to make pasta with sauce for all of us, only Akie left the group and continued to catch up with her Japanese friend. It was delicious!! Yummy! Mmmm!
Later in the evening I had the chance to speak once again with a dear friend of mine - Andras also arrived to Vilalba! Such a surprise! Simply, you never know when it really is the last time and when not.
During the evening rush in the hostel we started to chat with a girl named Ruth from Colorado. I spent hours talking to her, until it was the time to go to bed. But she already became a part of our happy, funny group and the next day joined us.

Unfortunately the memory card in my camera was already full, therefore there are no pictures from this day.

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